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The Dissident

Documentary Feature, 2020


Director:  Bryan Fogel

Writers:  Mark Monroe, Bryan Fogel

Producers: Bryan Fogel, Mark Monroe, Jake Swantko, Thor Halvorssen

Director of Photography: Jake Swantko

Editors: Avner Shiloah, James Leche, Wyatt Rogowski, Scott D. Hanson

Music: Adam Peters

Production Companies: Orwell Productions, Diamond Docs

Distributor: Briarcliff Entertainment


“The Dissident is cut and scored much like a dramatic Hollywood thriller, happily making use of suspense-engendering editing techniques, mystery-building music and other devices to tease out all aspects of the drama” – Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s become common, if not cliché, for a critic reviewing a documentary about a turbulent real-world event to write something like, ‘It exerts the power of a true-life thriller!’ Well, make no mistake: ‘The Dissident’ does.” – Owen Gleiberman, Variety

“[The Dissident] needs to be seen by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.” – Nick Allen,


ACE “Eddie” Awards   I   Nominee   I   Best Edited Documentary (Feature)

BAFTA   I   Nominee   I   Best Documentary

WGA Awards   I   Winner   I   Documentary Screenplay

Rotten Tomatoes   I   Certified Fresh   I   Top 100 Movies of 2020

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