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Orlando Weeks

Blood Sugar

Music Video, 2020


Director: Alexander Brown

Director of Photography: Alexander Brown

Editor: Avner Shiloah

Production Company: The Sweetshop

Label: PIAS

Artist: Orlando Weeks


“Faced with the demands of the Covid-19 lockdown, Orlando Weeks and director Alexander Brown have created an ‘iso video’ that embraces lo-fi experimentation with wonderfully hypnotic results.” – Promonews

I edited it myself at first, before bringing editor Avner Shiloah on board. We’ve worked on a few projects now – but this workflow was definitely the weirdest. It’s always hard when you’re not sure who owns the timeline. In the end though, working remotely and bouncing edits back and forward across the Atlantic worked really well. Using analogue distortions is always fun and unexpected. Interrupting the signal is almost like playing a musical instrument, but it’s so unpredictable. Every time you start recording, you don’t know how it will turn out. The end result feels a bit like a video equivalent to a Jackson Pollock painting. It’s all accidents, but somehow, they fit and give the video a real energy and beauty. ” – Little Black Book

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