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James Blake

If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead

Music Video, 2018


Director: Alexander Brown

Producer: Carolyn Pedrossian

Director of Photography: Alexander Brown

Editor: Avner Shiloah

Color: Aubrey Woodiwiss (Carbon)

Line Producer: Adam Nelson

Production Company: The Sweetshop

Label: Polydor

Artist: James Blake


Vimeo   I   Staff Picks

Vimeo   I   “Best of the Month” January 2018

D&AD Award Winner 2018   I   Wood Pencil   I   Editing for Music Video

Kinsale Awards 2018   I   Gold   I   Best Music Video

Creative Circle Awards 2018   I   Silver   I   Best Music Video Editing

Creative Circle Awards 2018   I   Silver   I   Best Music Promo

Creative Circle Awrds 2018   I   Silver   I   Best Achievement in Music Video

London International Awards 2018   I   Bronze   I   Best Music Video


“…makes the simple act of driving a car look like motherfucking Tron.” – Stereogum

“…slowly turns a night drive into a 2001: A Space Odyssey-like visual journey as the song progresses.” – Rolling Stone

“…a visual masterpiece…” – Fubiz

“…just as Blake experiments with his sound, Brown disrupts the realism of Blake’s drive, subtly distorting and vibrating as well as speeding up the footage, and orchestrating light to match the music. The result is completely mesmerizing.” – Promonews

“…the video manages to sync perfectly with Blake’s spectral, chopped-up vocals, following the singer as he anonymously motors through the city, haunting the highways like a ghost…” – Paste Magazine

“Headlong, hypnotic and disorientating, it’s footage of motorway journeys: picking up the flickers and dazzles and reflections and trails that hurtle towards us and flee past in our peripheral vision. But these are delivered in such vivid, impressionistic ways that it takes us beyond their origin; marrying them to the music to create something truly synaesthetic and utterly captivating.” – David Reviews

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