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Drama Feature, 2023


Director & Writer:  Jac Cron

Cast:  Natalia Dyer, Rachel Keller, Danny Ramirez, Chella Man, Caleb Eberhardt

Producer: Lizzie Shapiro, Lexi Tannenholtz

Editor: Avner Shiloah

Cinematography: Matt Clegg

Composer: Keegan DeWitt

Production Design: Michael Mizrahi

Production Company: Utopia, Neon Heart Productions


“…the film remains very thoughtful and effective in its execution. Intentional and down-to-earth writing combined with a unique approach to Annie’s character allowed for me to feel seen in ways I didn’t expect.” – Wyatt Frantz, Josh At The Movies

“Chestnut is likely destined to be an indie darling behind Natalia Dyer’s performance in the lead role. The film is phenomenally written, intimate, and maintains its authenticity throughout. That authenticity is what allows audiences to genuinely feel a wide range of emotions as they watch, and it is beautiful.” – Branyan Towe, Loud and Clear

“…this very special, authentic film about twenty-something self-discovery. This is a subtle, gently confident film that doesn’t need to resort to high drama or full-on sex scenes to make its point. The strong but subtle sexual chemistry bubbling between the characters keeps the tension high, plus we never know where the late-night shenanigans are going to end up. Highly recommended.” – Ris Fatah, Queerguru


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